New Knife Series Marks 10th Anniversary of Case XX Select

Bradford, Pennsylvania (October 22, 2008)- W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its Case XX Select brand with a new limited edition lineup that includes nine exciting patterns with special features and handles made of the some of the most sought after materials.  The 2008 Case XX Select 10th Anniversary Family includes a Rogers Jigged Tested Red Bone TrapperLock (6154L SS),  a Rogers Jigged Mediterranean Blue Bone Mini CopperLock (61749L SS), an XX Prime Stag Sway Back Gent (TB51117 SS), a Rogers Jigged Bermuda Green Bone Small Stockman (6333 SS), a Smooth Gray Curly Zebra Wood Small Texas Toothpick (720096 SS),   a Smooth Genuine Mother-of-Pearl Barlow (82009 ½ SS), a Mammoth Ivory Baby Butterbean (I2132 SS), a Genuine Snakewood Gunboat Canoe (7394 SS), and a Red Stag Cigar Whittler (R5391WH SS).  Each is outfitted with Case Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel blades bearing a series signature tang stamp and a special “XX” shield on each handle.  Case’s 2008 Case XX Select 10th Anniversary knives will be available only at designated Case Select Dealers beginning October, 2008.

All knives in the 10th Anniversary Case XX Select series feature common or cut swedged stainless steel blades that are saber-concave or flat, taper ground.  Blades sport French or common nail marks, some with embellished or engraved artwork.  The knives’ bolsters, liners, rivets, and shields are made of nickel silver.  The shape of the Case Select “XX” shield fitted into each of this year’s knife handles resembles that used on the introductory Case XX Select family back in 1998.  Case has limited production of each of the Case XX Select patterns to just 500 pieces.  

 “Case XX Select knives are the embodiment of everything for which Case stands,” says John Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Case.  “The extra effort…from the inspection of the knife parts to the careful assembly to the precision honing and, finally, the extra hand finishing.  They demonstrate our commitment to hand-crafting and a never ending quest to make knives of the highest quality possible from within our factory in Bradford, PA.

The 2008 Case XX Select series is now shipping to Case Authorized Dealers nationwide.

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The TrapperLock (‘154L) – Case’s New Single-bladed Liner Lock

Bradford, PA (January 15, 2009) – Knife fans span generations, and Case’s newest knife pattern offers something for people at any age.  The new Case TrapperLock (‘154L) offers one of the knife industry’s most traditional pattern shapes with a more modern liner-locking Clip blade that opens with just one hand.  The new Case TrapperLock will be offered with a stainless steel blade in Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone, Genuine India Stag, and Rogers Jigged Mediterranean Blue bone.  Smooth Yellow Synthetic and Standard Jigged Chestnut bone handle versions will be offered with a Chrome Vanadium (CV) blade.  

The new Case TrapperLock measures 4-1/8” when closed and weighs 3.4 ounces.  It features a one-hand opening Clip blade made of Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel or Chrome Vanadium steel.  The blade is saber, concave ground and fitted with a specially-engraved torque screw for smooth one-hand opening.

Several unique pocket knife features have been engineered especially for this ground-breaking pattern at Case.  A special bushing built into the knife joint ensures improved blade action.  A steel spacer replaces the blade spring normally found on a traditional Trapper pattern, enhancing the TrapperLock’s visual appeal.  Other features include nickel-silver end bolsters and a Case oval shield on the handle.    

The Trapper has long been one of the best selling knife patterns at Case, and the new TrapperLock is destined to be a hit with knife enthusiasts of all ages.  

“Case has been very successful in redesigning traditional knife patterns for the good of the consumer knife industry,” says Ed Jessup, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Case.  “It is our mission at Case to add special features and functionality to our products for those who carry and use them every day.  We’re very pleased with the way the TrapperLock has turned out and we’re anxious to see the reaction to it.”  

A Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone TrapperLock has just begun hitting dealers’ shelves in time for the holiday season. A Genuine Red Stag handle variation will be offered as part of a limited production promotional family, scheduled for delivery late in 2008.  The TrapperLock will be offered in several handle/blade combinations in Case’s 2009 Product Guide; Genuine Stag, Long-Tail C Mediterranean Blue Bone, Pocket Worn Old Red Bone, and a John Deere licensed version with Yellow Bone handles will all be offered with a stainless steel blade. Two variations – one with Chestnut Bone and another with Yellow synthetic handles – will be offered with a Chrome Vanadium blade.

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