Ribbon Cutting at Red Hill Cutlery Saturday

The Kentucky Museum of American Pocketknives at Red Hill Cutlery chronicles the Case Company’s history from its early beginnings over more than a century of American hand-crafting. Knives, displays, documents, pictures, and more have been carefully collected, preserved, and organized throughout this 5,000 square foot retail sales floor and museum showroom area.

About Red Hill Cutlery and the Kentucky Museum of American Pocketknives
Red Hill Cutlery (part of Basham Lumber) is one of only a handful of Master Case Dealers throughout the United States, offering customers one of the most complete displays of Case knives, collectables, commemoratives, and accessories. It is also a participating retailer in Case’s Making a Case for American promotional campaign. Basham’s Kentucky Museum of American Pocketknives is a tribute to the Case brand, a name synonymous with the most popular collectable pocketknives in the world.

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