Case Fans Welcome Return of Genuine India Stag

Bradford, PA (July 27, 2006) - The first Genuine
Stag-handled pocketknives to  be produced as standard product offerings
by W.R. Case and Sons in more than five years have begun shipping to
Case dealers nationwide.  Fifteen popular patterns make up the Genuine
India Stag family, including the Trapper, Mini Trapper, Small Texas
Toothpick, Cheetah Cub, Medium Stockman, Small Stockman, Mini
Copperhead, Baby Doc, Baby Butterbean, and Peanut.  Each features
mirror polished Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades and an oval shaped
Case shield.

Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Case, says the new Stag handled
pocket knives rival those made by Case from 1920 to 1964.  He states,
"Some of today's most valuable Case knives were made during those
'Tested' and 'XX' eras and we believe those we are making today will
also be highly collectible in future years."

Stag handled pocketknives on a regular basis requires careful planning
at Case.  Reliable materials sources are located.  New patterns are
tested for compatibility.  And veteran Case artisans pass down their
handcrafting secrets to fellow associates, ensuring that each knife
takes on the unique character of the Stag to achieve the desired fit
and finish.

"These efforts have yielded a process by
which Stag knives can be made at Case and treasured by future
generations," says Tom Arrowsmith, Case President and Chief Executive

In 2000, a general embargo placed by the government of
India cut off Stag supply shipments.  The action was considered a blow
to the American knife industry, but the economic impact was felt by
many more who worked in international Stag distribution.

Last year, the Indian government
temporarily allowed for the free flow of "pre-ban" Stag stockpiles.
Case says it has secured ample quantities of this Stag that will allow
for continuous production of Stag handled pocketknives "for some time."

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