New Case Inspired Brands to be released in 2007

Bradford, PA 
(February 1, 2007)- Over the years, Case has produced pocketknives to commemorate the
individual contributions of Case family members.  These relationships
are important to the knife industry’s history, because they gave rise
to some of the very first knife companies in the United States.   Case
will bring two early influences in American cutlery back to life with a
pair of pocketknife series for 2007.

William Russell Case Series
William Russell was a member of the famous Case Brothers knifemaking
team, and is considered one of the most pioneering knife makers of the
late 19th century.  He was named the first president of W.R. Case and
Sons Cutlery Company by his son, John Russell (“Russ”) Case, who
started the company.  Together, this father-and-son team managed the
company in all respects.  W. R. Case provided invaluable support to his
son, leveraging his knowledge as an industry veteran and stabilizing
the company’s early finances.

more than a century later, Case honors W.R. Case with eight patterns
for 2007, each adorned with a Coat of Arms Shield, a William Russell
Case blade tang stamp, and a silhouette image of W.R. wearing a hat
embellished onto the main blades.  The patterns include: Trapper,
Whittler, Medium Stockman, Cheetah, Peanut, Barlow, Tiny Trapper, and
Canoe.  Each features Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel blades and Russell
Jigged Chestnut Bone handles.

Crandall Cutlery Series
Crandall Cutlery is considered one of the most critical of all of Case
Cutlery’s industry acquisitions.  The Crandall name connects to the
Case family through John Russell Case’s sister, Mary Theresa Case, who
married Herbert Crandall around the turn of the century.  Herbert
Crandall founded Crandall Cutlery in 1903, and quickly gained a
reputation for producing high quality pocket knives.  Crandall was an
inventive entrepreneur, and even secured a patent for Radium Electric
steel finishing, one of the earliest American advances in stain
resistance technology.  Crandall eventually joined his brother-in-law
at the Case factory in 1911, cementing the “s” into the name, “W.R.
Case and Sons Cutlery Company”.  Crandall Cutlery remains a valuable
and sought-after vintage pocketknife brand.

2007, Case will produce a new series of classic Crandall Cutlery pocket
knives.  Case’s Crandall patterns will include: Tuxedo, Seahorse
Whittler, Half Whittler, Medium Congress, Medium Toothpick, Medium
Stockman, Trapper, Peanut, Small Gunstock, and Swell Center Folder.  A
vintage Crandall logo (characterized by a “Long Tail C”) is stamped
into the knives’ exclusive bowtie shields. All blades are made of
Tru-Sharp® Surgical Steel.  The traditional Green Bone handle color is
befitting of this historic brand.

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