Large Sized Pocket Knife Makes Big Return

Large Texas Toothpick

(February 5, 2007) – There’s an old saying that “everything’s big in
Texas.”  Such is the inspiration behind a new 5-1/2” pocket knife named
the Large Texas Toothpick, a vintage pattern that’s rarely been
produced by Case in the last 65 years.  The new Case Large Texas
Toothpick features a 4-1/4” long Clip blade and generous nickel-silver
bolsters at each end.  It will be available in 2007 with Caribbean Blue
Bone, 6.5 BoneStag, and Brown Barn Board Jigged Bone handles.

knife’s name, “Large Texas Toothpick,” is derived from its most obvious
features.  The knife’s end-to-end size makes it one of the longest
pocket knives made by Case.  Its shape is accented by a pronounced
curvature at one end, outlining the familiar horn shapes of the
Longhorn steer, a cattle species which was popularized in Texas.  The
term “toothpick” refers to the long, slender blade, which slopes at a
particularly sharp angle from its tip.  

decision to revive the Large Texas Toothpick came in response to the
requests of its consumers.  Case has produced smaller versions of the
Toothpick for decades, such as the Tiny Texas Toothpick and folding
Fishing knife variations, which remain popular among all types of knife

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