Case XX Vault Preserves Knife Patterns for Collectors

Bradford, PA (January 28, 2008) – RussLock®, CopperLock®, Tiny Trapper®, XX-Changer®, Sod Buster® and Cheetah®.  These are the names of some of the most popular knife patterns in existence.  They’re all produced by W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company, one of America’s most treasured names in collectables.  And Case’s new “Case XX Vault” program is aimed at preserving some of its most cherished patterns for future collecting enjoyment. 
The new “Case XX Vault” program, which took effect January 1, 2008, calls for several popular Case patterns and all related tool works to be locked away inside the “Case XX Vault” for a period of at least three years before being reintroduced to the public. 
The Case Tuxedo (‘156), Doctor’s Knife (‘85), Cheetah® (’11-1/2L), and ‘056 Lockback were the first patterns to enter the Case XX Vault on January 1st.  They’ll be followed by the Sowbelly (’39), CopperLock® (549L), and the small and large sized Slab Side Hunters (78-3 ∏ and 47-5) on July 1st.  The program calls for production of component parts for these patterns to cease at the close of business on the day before entering the Case XX Vault.
Announcements of new patterns to be retired to the Case XX Vault will be made periodically.  With each announcement, one pattern is chosen as the “Collector’s Choice” of the group.  250 of each of these will be made as a final production run, fitted with a unique shield indicating their vault entry date, and stored away for safekeeping.  Another 250 piece order of each “Collector’s Choice” pattern will be made upon reintroduction in 2011, fitted with a new shield indicating the vault exit date.  The resulting two-piece sets will be offered to the public in commemoration of the pattern’s return to market.  The Case Cheetah® (’11-1/2L) and CopperLock® (549L) were made the first two “Collector’s Choice” selections. 
Case officials say the new program benefits for all types of Case enthusiasts.   Casual Case hobbyists will have some extra time to find missing knives that may have eluded them in the past.  Market-minded collectors may see their existing collections appreciate in value due to the tightened supply of selected patterns.  Finally, Case’s continuous engineering and production improvements should enhance overall consumer appeal for reintroduced patterns.  

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