Tony Bose Inspires Case’s New Sway Back Jack (TB’117)

Bradford, PA (February 1, 2008) – Case and Tony Bose have teamed up again to create a new pattern which blends several rich features into a design that’s as functional as it is elegant. The new Case Sway Back Jack (TB’117 SS) will make its debut at the 2008 S.H.O.T. Show to be held February 2 – 5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  

The new Case Sway Back Jack measures 3-1/5” when closed and weighs 2.0 ounces.  It features a Wharncliffe master blade and a secondary Pen blade, both made of Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel.  The blades are flat ground, tapered, and artfully swedged.  The springs have been redesigned so the back side can maintain a flush appearance when blades are at opened, closed, and half-stop positions.  The pen spring has been extended to the knife’s front side, giving the blade a neatly fitted appearance when closed.  Other features include nickel-silver end bolsters and handles fixed with a Case oval script shield.    

Case officials say it was the firm’s overall objective to create a Case pattern somewhat smaller in size than their two previous catalog offerings inspired by Tony Bose; The 3-7/8” Sowbelly (TB’339) in 2001 and the 3-1/2” Saddlehorn (TB’110) in 2004.  

“We’ve always been enamored with some of Tony’s smaller Tear Drop patterns, so we asked him to help us create something for Case along those lines; something really attractive with just the right dimensions and weight,” says John Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Case.  “We’re really pleased with the way the Sway Back Jack blends all of these factors without sacrificing function.  It’s a really beautiful pattern.”  

Bose says he’s encountered many variants of the Sway Back Jack over the years, but Case’s newest version is most reminiscent of its own ’17 pattern (which was first produced prior to 1940, and known as the “Half Hawk Bill” or “Loom Fixer”).  Like many knives from that period, the ’17 pattern hearkened back to some of the earliest English Jack knives of the 19th century, many of which Bose says were fitted with “a Sheep’s Foot for a master blade.”  

“The Case Sway Back Jack sets a new standard for us, and setting higher standards is vital to any successful American manufacturer,” says Tom Arrowsmith, President and Chief Executive Officer at Case.  He adds, “Bose’s influence has continually helped us to move the needle on our operations and improve on all of our products.”

The Sway Back Jack will be offered in several styles:  two-bladed versions with Pocket Worn® Peach Seed Jigged Bermuda Green Bone with a single bolster at the pocket end or Genuine Burnt Stag handles with nickel-silver bolsters at both ends.  A single-bladed model will be available in genuine Mother-of-Pearl.

About Tony Bose
Tony Bose fashioned his first knife in 1972 from a power hack saw blade he’d received from a friend. He’d work to perfect his skills for years before pursuing a full-time custom knife making career in 1990. Tony’s impact was quickly felt across the industry, winning Best Folding Knife Awards from the 1994 East Coast Custom Knife Show and the 1995 Blade Show with his own five-bladed Stockman designs. Today, Tony’s work continues as a member of the coveted Knife Maker’s Guild, blending vintage patterns with modern steel blades, stainless steel bolsters and springs to an unmistakable fit and finish.  His work attracts enthusiasts from around the world who often wait years for their knives to be completed to his satisfaction.  His knife making talent accentuates his true passion for his craft and his reputation as a trusted businessperson, spirited philanthropist, devoted husband and father. Tony’s son, Reese, is also an accomplished custom maker.  The two carry on their knife making tradition from their workshop in Shelburn, Indiana.

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