Limited XX Edition XXIV Knives Lead New Product Introductions from Case

Bradford, PA (June 1, 2009) - For many Case collectors, a new season unfolds with the announcement of Case's next Limited Edition knife series. The new Limited XX Edition XXIV Sway Back Jack with Blue Lagoon HandlesLimited XX Edition XXIV knives feature Blue Lagoon Bone handles bearing a bomb-shaped shield, blades made of Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel, and decorative etching on the main blades. The Case Limited Edition XXIV pattern family includes a Trapper (6254 SS), Muskrat (MUSKRAT SS), Peanut (6220 SS), Small Texas Toothpick (610096 SS), Eisenhower (06263 SS), Sway Back Jack (TB62117 SS), Humpback Stockman (63046 SS) and RussLock® (61953L SS). Several of the Limited XX Edition XXIV patterns have just begun shipping to retailers.

Case fans grazing amongst the knife displays at their local Case Authorized Dealers may soon find a fun surprise in store - Case's new Image XX Holstein Case Holstein Cow Large StockmanCow family. Eight patterns, including a Peanut (6220 SS), Small Texas Toothpick (610096 SS), Medium Stockman (63090 SS), Mini Trapper (6207 SS), Trapper (6254 SS), RussLock® (61953L SS), Large Stockman (6375 SS) and Large Folding Hunter (6265 SS), make up the entire Holstein Cow family. Smooth Bone handles have been laser-engraved and embellished to bring out the distinctive black and white coat of one of America's most recognizable and beloved farm animals.

Finally, a new William Russell Case line has begun hitting store shelves. Eight William Russell Case Medium Congress patterns dedicated to the company's namesake and first Case company president. The knives are handled in Dark Molasses Bone, decorated with a special coat of arms shield. The knives' stainless steel blades bear a unique tang stamp and are embellished with the familiar image of William Russell sporting his brimmed derby. Patterns in the William Russell Case knife family include the Peanut (6220 SS), Small Texas Toothpick (610096 SS), Medium Stockman (6318 SS), Medium Congress (64052 SS), Humpback Whittler (63046WH SS), Barlow (62009 ½ SS), Trapper (6254 SS), and Large Texas Toothpick (610098 SS).

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