Concluded - The 2014 Annual Club Knife Collection

Get ready for our next set of club knives coming in 2015.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company was proud to offer three amazing single-bladed knives for the 2014 Annual Club Knife Collection. The Tiny Trapper (61154 SS) is the Junior Member Knife, the Mini Trapper (6154 SS) is the Regular Member Knife, and the Trapper (6154 SS) is the Life Member Knife. Exclusive to the CCC, each knife featured Dynasty Jiggged XXpresso Bone handle and the Bronze Oval CCC shield. This is our second Club family to carry this jigging, handle color, and shield. Each knife carries Case "Long Tail C" serialization on the bolster. The blade is embellished with Case Collectors Club artwork. These Knives are no longer in production.

Junior Member Knife

Junior and Life Members

#27571 - Tiny Trapper (61154 SS)

Regular Member Knife

Regular and Life Members

#27572 - Mini Trapper (6107 SS)

Life Member Knife

Life Members

#27573 - Trapper (6154 SS)

Life Member Knife Collection

Life Members ONLY