Over the course of Case’s long history, literally hundreds of different knife patterns have been created. To help our collectors identify the various patterns, we developed a unique numbering system. What kind of Case do you own? You can find the Case knife pattern number stamped on the tang of your knife’s blade. This number tells you exactly what kind of knife you have. The first number indicates the type of material used to make the handle. The second digit gives the number of blades. The last two or more digits indicate the factory pattern number.


How To Identify Case Knife Patterns

In this example, 6347 is a 47 pattern knife wih jigged bone handles and 3 blades.

The items listed are patterns produced within the last 10 years.

Pattern #
Pattern Name
2FINN 2 Finn Hunter
3FINN 3 Finn Hunter
75-4 4" Drop Point Hunter
75-4G 4" Gut Hook Hunter
16-5 5" Fixed Blade Hunter
23-5 5" Fixed Blade Hunter
65-5 5" Fixed Blade Hunter
BR12-6 6" Fillet
81-6 6" Fixed Blade Hunter
BR12-9 9" Fillet
132 Baby Butterbean
82 Baby Doc
20 Barehead Peanut
009 1/2 Barlow
130 Bartender's Knife
47H Bird Hunter
Bowie Bowie
LT1505LC Case Caliber®
131 Canoe
11 1/2 Cheetah®
1 1/2 Cheetah Cub®
052 Congress
49 Copperhead
49W Copperhead with Wharncliffe Blade
549L CopperLock®
24-3 1/4 Deer Hunter or Whitetail Hunter
85 Doctor's Knife
40 Dogleg Jack Knife
Dbl Eagle Double Eagle Hunter
953 1/2L Drop Point RussLock
063 Eisenhower
63 Eisenhower
031 Electrician's Knife
50 Elephant's Toe
54HP Equestrian's Knife
M1059L Executive Lockback
M1225L Executive Lockback
M1300L Executive Lockback
M1300LC Executive Lockback with Clip
0094F Fishing Knife
Fixxit Fixxit
65 1/2 Folding Hunter with Large Clasp Frame
43 Grand Daddy Barlow
94 Gunboat Canoe
86-3 1/4 Gut Hook Hunter
08 Half Whittler with 2 blades
59L Hammerhead
011 Hawkbill
54HB Hobo®
54GS Hunter Trapper
090R Junior Scout
Kodiak Kodiak Hunter®
72 Large Clasp
88 Large Congress
65 Large Folding Hunter
130 Large Gunstock
100 Large Saddlehorn
47-5 Large Slab Side Hunter
75 Large Stockman
0098 Large Texas Toothpick
51 Large Trapper
M1056L Lockback
M1310L Lockback
58L Mako®
052 Medium Congress
090 Medium Stockman
44 Medium Stockman
47 Medium Stockman
18 Medium Stockman with 3 Blades
087 Medium Stockman with 3 Blades
087 Medium Texas Jack Knife with 2 Blades
0094 Medium Texas Toothpick
265L Mid Folding Hunter
TB 048 Millennium Trapper
LT1059L Mini-Blackhorn
109X Mini Copperhead with Pen Blade
109W Mini Copperhead with Wharncliff Blade
749L Mini CopperLock
Mini Muskrat Mini Muskrat
07 Mini Trapper
07W Mini Trapper with Wharncliff Blade
75 Moose
Muskrat Muskrat
20 Peanut
042 Pen Knife or Jack Knife
79 Pen Senator
23-3 1/4 Pheasant Knife
TH'165 Pocket Hunter
005RAZ Razor (One Arm Opener)
Ridgeback Drop Ridgeback
Ridgeback Caper Ridgeback
Ridgeback Hunter Ridgeback
953L RussLock®
110 Saddlehorn
55WH Seahorse Whittler
97L Shark Tooth®
Shooter Shooters Tool
70 Sleeveboard
048 Slim Line Trapper
73L SlimLock®
LT1405L Small Caliber
68 Small Congress
15 Small Gunstock
27 Small Jack Knife
LT1225L Small Lockback
01 Small Pen Knife
33 Small Pen Knife or Stockman
78-3 1/2 Small Slab Side Hunter
27 Small Stockman
0096 Small Texas Toothpick
37 Sodbuster Jr.®
38 Sodbuster®
TB39 Sowbelly
47WH Split Back Whittler
83WH Split Back Whittler
083 Square Bolstered Whittler
254 H/HLD Steak Knife
18PU Stockman with Punch Blade
92 Stockman with Three Blades
032 Stockman with Three Blades
25 1/2 Swell-Center Jack
C050 Swell-Center Jack with Copperhead Bolster*
050 Swell-Center Jack with Straight Bolster*
032 Texas Jack Knife with Two Blades
92 Texas Jack Knife with Two Blades
Tiny Muskrat ('27) Tiny Muskrat
154 Tiny Trapper
165 Tommy Hart Pocket Hunter
54 Trapper
20 1/2 Trappernut
Trifold Trifold
156 Tuxedo
20096 Two-Blade Small Texas Toothpick
99 1/2 Uneven Jack Knife or Barlow
549LW Wharncliffe CopperLock
08 Whittler
47WH Whittler
83 Whittler
XX Changer XX-Changer®

* Shaded items are retired from the Case standard production line.