Electro-Etch - Item #297

Electronic transfer onto a metal surface. This is a surface imprint on blades or metal handles. It is semi-permanent.

Laser Engraving - Item #294

Imprint available on smooth leather sheaths and smooth bone, synthetic and wood

Color Fill - Item #289

One color added to laser engraving. Process is only available on smooth bone, synthetic and wood.
(Color fill options: gold, white, silver, black, red, yellow, blue, and green.)

Engraving on Metal Surfaces - Item #298

Computerized engraving gives a rich jewelry-engraving look. It is permanent.

Personalization & Serialization - Item #288

This is an engraving of letters and/or numbers. The engraving is either onto the bolster or the main blade.

Tech Print - Item #267 one color Item #268 two color

Photo emulsion of paint onto blades, metal handles and tin lids only. Close registration and color on top of color ability. Up to two (2) colors per surface. This is a semi-permanent process.

Engraving Fonts

Color Choices


Medium Yellow

Carmine Red

Bright Red

Light Blue

Ultra Blue

Light Green

Fir Green


Light Brown

Dark Brown

Light Gold