Coins, jewelry, stock certificates and your Case knife collection – as collectors, most of us store all of these items away for safekeeping. There are many valuables at the Case factory, but the most prized would be the knives, or, more accurately, the more than 140 knife patterns we make. That’s why Case has built a special vault - the Case XX Vault - where the important tooling needed to produce these patterns is stored.

The new Case XX Vault program took effect January 1, 2008. It involves locking away several popular Case patterns and all related tool works inside the “Case XX Vault” for a period of at least three years before being reintroduced to the public. The process repeats itself periodically as new pattern sets are added to the program and others are released back to market. As of January, 2011, 26 unique Case patterns have been temporarily retired to the Case XX Vault; 3 of those “XX-Vaulted” in January of 2008 have just returned: The Case Cheetah®, Doctor’s Knife, and Tuxedo.

Case instituted this program for two main reasons. First, there are the manufacturing concerns involved in operating a factory with over 140 different knife patterns. Meeting the incredible customer demand for hand-crafted Case knives is a real challenge; one that grows considerably each year as we continue to introduce new knife designs. Second, and more important, is that this program provides a tremendous benefit for Case Collectors, who now have a chance to find those rare knives missing from their existing collections without having to account for new releases during the lock-away period. Finally, limiting pattern production will likely increase values of previously acquired knives.