Want to keep track of the knives you own?  How about those that may be missing from your collection? We’ve put together a handy checklist of the most recent productions for each of the patterns going into the Case XX Vault. Use the links below to download to your home computer.

Hunter (67-4)* (32kb)
Hunter (68-4)* (32kb)
Elephant's Toe* (44kb)
Hunter (FINN)* (36kb)
Large Trapper* (44kb)
Razor* (40kb)
Seahorse Whittler* (48kb)
Small Swell-Center Jack* (48kb)
Small Pen Checklist* (44kb)
Dogleg Trapper Checklist* (44kb)
Alamo Bowie Checklist* (36kb)
Large Congress Checklist* (40kb)
Shark Tooth Checklist* (32kb)
Slab Side Hunter ('78-3 1/2) Checklist* (36kb)
Slab Side Hunter ('47-5) Checklist* (28kb)
LockBack Checklist* (24kb)
Cheetah Cub Checklist* (68kb)
Baby Doc Checklist* (71kb)
Large Saddlehorn Checklist* (67kb)
Pocket Hunter Checklist* (64kb)
Large Swell Center Checklist* (59kb)

To download checklist "Right Click and choose Save As"

* The knives listed include all items manufactured for sale at retail. This list may exclude small production runs (generally 50 pieces or fewer used for sales promotions or commemorative items), and does exclude knives produced through our advertising specialty programs (these are generally standard products which have been specially embellished for corporate recognition or other award programs, special event commemoratives, and a wide variety of other uses).